Make Ahead Recipes for Christmas Morning Breakfast

I love that time on Christmas morning after the kids have opened their stockings when we all sit down together and eat breakfast. It’s relaxing and quiet and a time for family connection. I used to rush around making the food after the stockings were done. The kids would get grouchy because they were hungry and I felt pressured to get something on the table. Now that I use make ahead recipes for Christmas morning breakfast, things are totally different.

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The kids can eat right away because the food is ready and I don’t have to stress about cooking. Instead, I can enjoy my family and be in the moment with them. I love it!

What I do is pop whatever it is I’ve made ahead into the oven as soon as I come down the stairs. Then we can start opening stockings in the living room while the smell of deliciousness starts to creep in from the kitchen. And I don’t have to worry about anything because when we’re done, breakfast is ready to be eaten!

In the video below, I walk you through how to make the entire brunch ahead of time.

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Make Ahead Recipes for Christmas Morning Breakfast:

Make Ahead Recipes for Christmas Morning Breakfast

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