Pasta Freezer Meals to Make Ahead

There’s something about pasta that just makes it a hit with everyone. The kids are always happy to hear we are having pasta for dinner. These make ahead pasta freezer meals make is easy to serve dinner even on the busiest days.

The ultimate in comfort food. Make ahead pasta freezer meals. #freezermeals101 #freezermeals #pasta #easyfamilymeals #recipesFor me, pasta is about the ultimate in comfort food. I think there must be some Italian heritage in my background! I also find it fun to play around with the recipes and flavours so I make pasta dishes often.

By increasing the cooking time, many of these recipes can go from the freezer to the oven. This makes it easier to pull something out at the last minute and still have supper on time.

Since these meals are made ahead of time, they are great for serving to company. You’ll be left with enough time to make a salad and garlic bread since your main dish is already ready to go in the oven. These meals are also perfect for bringing to a potluck or gifting to a neighbour or friend.

While I prefer to use freezer bags to save space and be able to fit more meals in the freezer, some of these do require being put in a baking tray or casserole dish before freezing. Freezer friendly meals such as manicotti and lasagna hold their shape best in a baking tray.

Our Pasta Freezer Meals:

Our One Pot Pastas:

Other Make Ahead Pasta Meals for the Freezer:

Freezer Pasta Sauces:

I hope these recipes will help you make delicious meals for your family in a fraction of the time. Which ones are your favourites?