Make Ahead Thanksgiving Recipes

Making most of the dishes weeks or months ahead of your Thanksgiving feast ensures that you can truly enjoy that day. Instead of being in the kitchen cooking, you can be visiting with guests. Make ahead Thanksgiving recipes can really take the stress out of the day. 

When you think of holiday meals, likely classic dishes such as sweet potato casserole, green bean casserole, and mashed potatoes covered in delicious gravy come to mind. Good news… These are exactly the sort of recipes that can be made ahead!tabletop covered in a holiday feastA little bit of prep ahead of time can take so much pressure off for the big day.

Make Ahead Thanksgiving Recipes

We recently celebrated Thanksgiving with everything but the turkey made ahead of time and I can tell you that it took a huge weight off me. I enjoyed the day so much more because I didn’t have to think much about the meal. I was able to hold my grandbaby and visit with my kids while dinner took care of itself.

Watch us prepare our entire Thanksgiving dinners (aside from the turkey) for the freezer in the video below. I think my favourite dish of all was the homemade creamed corn. We are working on getting that recipe written up for our Freezer Meals 101 Club members because it was just so good!

YouTube video

How far in advance can you make ahead Thanksgiving side dishes?

Thanksgiving side dishes can be made up to three months in advance and frozen. Not all side dishes freeze well of course. You should never make a lettuce salad ahead for example because under no circumstances does lettuce freeze well. But there are many traditional holiday sides that freeze beautifully.

Can turkey stuffing be frozen?

After extensive testing in our kitchen, we are happy to be able to report that stuffing can be made ahead and frozen. The dressing can then be cooked on the day of in the oven or stuffed in the turkey and cooked.

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