Make-Ahead French Toast Recipes

Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day. While that may make me unusual, there’s no denying that there are some pretty delicious breakfast foods out there. One example that comes to mind is French toast. collage of breakfast recipes. Text reads "Make Ahead French Toast" #freezermeals101 #frenchtoast #breakfastfreezermeal #makeaheadbreakfast Today I’m sharing with you some recipes for make-ahead French toast and french toast casseroles. Some of these are overnight recipes to make the day before and some can actually be made as a freezer meal weeks or months ahead. The work is done ahead and they are ready to bake in the morning. collage of various french toast freezer mealsThese are great for brunch, hosting company, quick family breakfasts, bringing to potlucks, or special occasions such as Christmas morning. In our house, a French toast casserole has become a bit of a holiday tradition. 

Make Ahead French Toast Recipes

You can find other make-ahead breakfasts in our Freezer Meal Breakfast Meal Plan. It includes the recipes, prep lists, shopping lists, and printable labels.